Group Mentorship Program

CRSI is currently coordinating a pilot program – the Group Mentorship Program – to help refine plans for a future community sponsorship program in Australia while Australia’s international migration program is paused due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  Local community groups were invited to apply and receive training in late 2020, with the project due to conclude in mid 2021.  At present, we are focussing efforts on successfully coordinating and evaluating this initial pilot program and are not accepting any further applications from community groups.  If you or a group that you’re involved in would like to provide support to a refugee newcomer in the future, please share your details – click ‘How You Can Help’.

Resources for Mentor Groups

Digital Logbooks for Mentor Groups

Background on the pilot Group Mentorship Program

CRSI has been advocating for the Australian federal government to introduce a community refugee sponsorship program, that will provide Australian community members with a new avenue to sponsor the visas of refugees currently living overseas, and then support them on arrival in Australia. CRSI is implementing the GMP as a pilot program in order to help us refine our recommendations for the design of a future community refugee sponsorship program in Australia and build community capacity for the implementation of such a program, while also enabling a number of refugee families to benefit from the support of individuals living in the same community. CRSI will do this by working with a range of stakeholders to match independent local mentor groups with refugees in need of support in Australia, particularly refugees who have recently arrived in Australia and could benefit from a little more help in their local area, or who are moving to a new area and need help getting settled in a new community. The mentor group will then provide the mentee(s) with six months of practical and holistic support in late 2020 and early 2021.

Further background Information on Group Mentorship Program
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